"sweeping, graceful, ratifying – the waters break gently over the shore breakers, as a heart is broken into pieces. But it rises like a phoenix, as the driving guitar and piano chords drape over and caress in empathy. Look for more from this fab offering."

- CHF staff , Comeherefloyd

"With its slow-burning, folk-inspired opening that takes on a cavernous depth, ‘Summer Fling’ is pitched somewhere between the hybrid folk of early Cold Specks and the euphoric melancholia made familiar by Daughter. "

- Jon Doyle, Various Small Flames

Writing music has quickly become a shared passion of ours . As healthcare majors , music hasn't always been the plan . 

There is something powerful about a spark that takes over  . Music was that spark in our lives .  


Slowly songwriting has become a therapeutic outlet and it has been an amazing journey to share . 

One of the main goals is to shed light on the fact that no one has it all together . ​Using harmonies and melodies to reach places unspoken & sing about life's questions & unexpected answers .

Thank you for joining us on this journey . This experience has been eye opening so far and we can't wait to share more with you as time goes on .

New music & adventures on the way~